Ponywolf’s RogueJack is a novel blend of roguelike gameplay and Blackjack-inspired battling. Following a successful 30 days in Google Play’s Early Access program, the game has now launched for both iOS and Android.

RogueJack serves up a hearty meal of dungeoning action that takes elements of the card game Blackjack and utilizes them within its easy-to-learn combat system. The dungeons here are endless, packed with all sorts of weird and wild monsters to take on and hopefully slay. Each of the dungeon’s grisly inhabitants offers their own combat style. This alters when they’ll attack, when they’ll stop, and whether they’ll keep their hole card from sight.

Along the way, you’ll collect powerful weapons, different means of defence, and “the carcasses of your enemies” (lovely stuff, right?) to continue improving your character and loadout. Levelling up will allow you to choose new cards that can either be delivered facing up or down. It’s really up to you how best to develop your character and gear, and remember that combining different buffs, skills, attributes, and items can alter your playstyle dramatically.
You might remember that Ponywolf was also behind the excellent Knights of the Card Table

, which Harry called “a bright, smart card crawl that will keep you entertained for hours”. It earned an impressive Silver Rating in the end for its perfectly gauged level of challenge and many refreshing gameplay ideas.

RogueJack is now available as a free-to-play title with ads, though you also have the option to remove them for a one-time payment of $1.99 (or your regional equivalent). You’ll find more info over on Ponywolf’s official site. If you’re a fan of games like last year’s Void Tyrant, I’d suggest you give this one a look over on the App Store or Google Play
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