Rodeo Stampede: Some basic tips for your big round up

Pay attention to your surroundings

OK, so it’s not quite as simple as just jumping from animal to animal. You do need to pay close attention to what’s around you. And with this being like an endless runner, you won’t get the opportunity to stop on a dime or correct yourself.

There are obstacles lying around just waiting for you to trip over them. On top of this, you have to also focus on your next jump to the nearest animal. So you basically have to do some double-thinking on the fly. The key here is to jump when you know you have a good opening.

Once you reach your next animal, just worry about swerving around the objects. It’ll be a short while before you’ll need to make another jump again. And when it is time, once again, make sure you’re clear for takeoff, and you’ll be all set.

Tame your animals

One of the most fun parts of Rodeo Stampede is that you will be able to jump on different animals and bring them home to your zoo. In order to do so, you need to make sure that you’re holding your finger down on your screen.

This will allow you to stay on an animal for a short while. If you let go, then you’ll fly right off (I mean, unless you want to be Superman or something). So keep on holding until you find the next wild creature you want to ride.

But, by holding on to a new animal for a certain period of time, a meter will fill up that will make it love you (aww) and let you be its master. Just be careful, as certain animals won’t let you stay on for too long so be ready to hold down on that screen as soon as you make the next one. After you befriend the animal, immediately find the next one and hop on it. Rinse and repeat and you’ll be taming these wonderful beasts left and ride.

Earn your coins

Like in most video games you’ve played in your life, forms of currency have been an internal part of each experience. That’s no different in Rodeo Stampede. You can earn money simply by playing the game and taming animals.

When you earn some, you can make different purchases. One of these includes opening up the zoo for the day. It costs a fairly small fee to do so. When visitors come in and see the animals, you’ll be given some additional coins.

More importantly, these coins can be used to complete certain goals such as improving the habitats of the zoo. When complete goals, you will unlock new locations to run through, as well as some new animals to add to your zoo. Not every goal is coin-related but most are. So if you want to really expand your experience, then make sure to use your coins wisely.



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