Roblox: All-Star Tower Defense tips for the battlefield

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All Star Tower Defense tips

All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox essentially functions as a small open world. You can explore and chat with friends among other things. This is also where you decide which mode you want to play. Each mode is located in different buildings scattered across the map.

One building, in particular, offers Infinite play, which lets you go through wave after until you eventually perish in the flames of failure. This is a great mode as it will give you a chance to work on your craft. You’ll be able to understand the best places to place your Units to your advantage.

Tweak to your heart’s content and gain an understanding of how things work. Don’t worry if you fail to defend your side, as you’ll be able to enter again. And there are several spaces for you to use inside the building, so there should always be an opening.

Equip as Many Units as You Can

Units are the essence of the human soul. Well, ok, not quite, but they are the juice of All-Star Tower Defense in Roblox. We mentioned these earlier, and these the adorable miniature versions of some of the anime/gaming world’s most iconic heroes. There are others as well.

But, in the beginning, you can equip up to three at a time. This will let you choose which ones you want to use in battle. You can easily mix and match to your liking and place characters in the spots that you feel are best. Doing this adds the strategy to this strategy experience.

Go into the aforementioned Infinite mode and mess around. See which Units are most effective. These can be upgraded mid-match. It’s all about finding the perfect combo to eliminate incoming foes. Just make sure you have your Units placed in the green spots.

Start Summoning

This sort of goes back to the importance of Units. Think of Units as you would when you play other strategy games like Clash Royale or Magic: The Gathering. You want the most powerful cards possible, right? Well, the same goes for Units in Roblox’ All-Star Tower Defense.

As we mentioned, you can upgrade your Units mid-match when you earn enough cash to spend. The money can be used to upgrade and place your characters. But, Summoning is the art of unlocking more Units, some may even be more powerful than others.

There are even percentage points showing how rare certain Units are. But, you’ll need gems to be able to randomly summon a character. These can be earned simply by just playing the game. Once you have 50 of them, you can head to the summon building and see which character you unlock. And to note, if you reach certain levels, you’ll unlock more slots to form your team of Units, giving you extra firepower in the field.

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