Rise of Kingdoms best commanders – Every character ranked

If you want to develop your Rise of Kingdoms settlement into a prosperous city and then build it into a strong empire, all you need is patience and a couple of good commanders. And if patience is a virtue that you already have, then let’s take a look at the other requirement for developing a strong civilization – the best Rise of Kingdoms commanders.

As a complete beginner, you will not have a lot of resources to invest into each and every commander, since they can become quite costly to upgrade. So if that’s the case, take a look at all of the Rise of Kingdoms’ best commanders in today’s tier list, and decide for yourself which ones you want to make your number one priority.

Firstly, we are going to take a look at all the Legendary commanders and give you a Legendary commander tier list – then, we are going to check out all the Epic commanders and sort them similarly, according to their power. rise of kingdoms best commanders
Also, keep in mind that if you’re just at the beginning you won’t see all the commanders unlocked. Some of them (like Zenobia for example) are available only if you meet certain requirements (for Zenobia you need to have a kingdom that is 310 days or older). So don’t panic if you don’t see all of them (yet) – eventually, you’ll unlock them all!

How to unlock more Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms?

You can unlock more commanders by recruiting them in the Tavern. Here, you’ll have two options: Silver Chest and Golden Chest, with the latter giving you a chance of getting Legendary ones. Of course, you can also unlock more commanders by paying for them (unlocking premium packages), but that’s not the go-to option for f2p players.
If you want to review the Rise of Kingdoms Legendary commanders tier list, check out the next page!


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