Report: Sony To Limit Initial PlayStation 5 Supply

Bloomberg is reporting that Sony will limit the initial supply of this holiday’s PlayStation 5 home console to five to six million units in the period ending in March, 2021. In comparison, the PlayStation 4 sold 7.5 million units in its first two months.

Bloomberg’s was told that the constraint is due, in part, by the expected price of the system, which developers have estimated at between $499 and $549. This price is due to the high-end components used by the system, which could also have scarcity issues, according to the website.

Sony has not commented on the matter.

The article also says that, according to sources, the price of the PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro could be reduced around the launch of the PlayStation 5 to stimulate recurring revenue via PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now memberships.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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