Red Dot: Front Line blasts its way onto Android today, hits iOS next month

Red Dot: Front Line, OnFace Games’ military FPS, has now launched globally for Android. It’s aiming to offer high-quality visuals, punchy shooting, and mobile-friendly controls, and it’ll need every advantage it can get if it’s to take on the titans of the genre.

Alongside news of the launch came confirmation of Red Dot’s first in-game event. The Growth Support event does what it says on the tin, offering extra gold and bonuses to get you off to a good start.

There’s also another event happening over on the game’s Facebook, where you’ll be able to earn some extra gold, in-game items, and new characters. More events are set to follow at a later date.

Right now, the game offers three main modes: TDM, Bombing Mission, and Sniper Mode. The first two sound fairly standard, but the third mode is a competitive spin on Hitman Sniper, which could be pretty neat.

Outside of matches, you’ll spend your time tinkering with your unlocked guns, setting up clans, obsessing over your seasonal ranking, and working out which character you’d like to unlock next. Your average gunfight is pitched somewhere between the fast-paced twitch action of COD and the intense strategic play of Counter-Strike.

While OnFace fully expected to have to delay the global launch date due to the ongoing pandemic, the team has instead managed to meet the deadline and launch first for Android. The iOS version will arrive next month, and the team is already hard at work on post-launch content and regular updates.

Red Dot: Front Line is now available for download as a free-to-play title from over on Google Play.
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