Get used to the map

The map in Ready Set Goat (which is actually a lovely one with mountains in the background) is pretty cramped and features little hills. Get yourself comfortable with this location because your goat will move automatically and you’ll need to time your jumps a bit.

On top of this, you also have a couple of ski lifts that can either benefit you or potentially get you killed by the enemies known as “creeps”. Sometimes, bumping into the ski lifts can be a good way to land on your foes and squash them like bugs.

That’s because, since you’re always moving, you may find yourself jumping over them (or worse, landing in front of them, leading to death). And the hills can give you an extra boost as you hop, so if you can, try and get used to the layout. Play the game a few times, and you’ll soon be plenty familiar with it.

Take advantage of the double jump feature

One nice little feature in the game is the ability to perform double jumps. These are beneficial in numerous ways and can really help you achieve a better score. For starters, they’re great because they let you avert danger if you find yourself in a tough situation.

Use to jump over enemies that you know you wouldn’t kill right then and there. Then you can turn around and take them out like the G.O.A.T that you are. Evasion is just as important as killing in this game, and the double jump really plays its role well here.

Another thing that it’s great for is taking out enemies that levitate or float. These pretty much require you to perform double jumps to deliver the big blow to them. And again, if a creep is right next to a ski lift, the double jump, bump into it, and then land right on them for a swaggy kill.

Get an extra jump after squashing a creep

Like with many arcade styled games in the past, Ready Set Goat gives you one extra jump after defeating an enemy. This may seem like a very tiny thing, but it can help you string together some combos at the right time. 

You can’t control where enemies exactly end up at the time of the jumps but it’s just something to bear in mind. If it so happens that there are a few foes next to each other, you can bounce around a bit and get a few squashes in a row. 

If you knock out a few in essentially one blow, that will give you more time to survive, hence boosting your score. It takes a few seconds for new enemies to appear, so it’s free time for you if you can eliminate the creeps swiftly. The extra jump off of an enemy’s head is a good way to do this. 



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