Stay Moving

In Raziel: Dungeon Arena, be prepared to dodge a lot. Groups of enemies will come at you and some will use projectile attacks that you’ll need to avoid. Stay on the move as much as possible and fire your weapon at the same time.

You will pause briefly when you fire your attacks but then you’ll be able to keep yourself going quickly again. Keep in mind that I’m not saying that you shoot off one small shot and then move. You can do that if you want, but feel free to shoot off a few good shots before moving.

From there, rinse and repeat. Dodge, shoot a few, dodge, shoot a few. You can approach it any way you like, but if you’re just starting, feel free to keep that in mind. You’ll be a dodging expert in no time after playing through a few areas.

Utilize Your Secondary Powers

In Raziel: Dungeon Arena, there are some really cool and helpful extra skills that can be used. These beauties can help make your life easier when battling multiple enemies at once. Most of these are AOE (Affect On Environment) so you can dish out the pain to groups

You can hold down the buttons to unleash your abilities at a longer duration to keep the pressure on them. However, after you go through it, there is a cooldown period. Luckily, this is very short and you’ll be blasting your special skills again in no time.

There’s no need to use it every single time though. It may be wise to just utilize these extra powers when you’re dealing with groups and bosses. But, it’s up to you as always so if you do just want to unleash your skills on lesser foes then go ahead and start a firework show like it’s a holiday.

Upgrade Your Skills Frequently

When you have some free time in Raziel, you’ll be in a hub of sorts where you have different characters that can help you out a bit such as a blacksmith for example. This is a good time to go and open up your skills and armor menu and make some upgrades.

Here, you can apply some new armor to your character which will boost your defenses. You’ll unlock new gear over time as you defeat enemies and bosses. You can also upgrade your skills, making you more powerful in the battlefield.

you’ll need some coins and need to be a certain level to continue to upgrade your skills. You’ll be able to do so a few times at first and then it will ask you to reach a certain level to upgrade next time. You should be given plenty of coins after going through the tutorial stage. Feel free to use these for your upgrades.

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