Rapper Travis Scott Named Newest Official PlayStation Strategic Creative Partner

Rapper Travis Scott dominated Fortnite earlier this year with an in-game concert, now he’s bleeding over into a larger gaming pool by becoming PlayStation’s latest strategic creative partner. 

As revealed in the latest PlayStation Blog post, Senior Vice President of PlayStation Worldwide Marketing Eric Lempel revealed their collaboration with Scott. “Through our mutual passion for gaming and creativity, we plan on collaborating with Travis and his Cactus Jack brand to produce innovative projects that we hope will delight our collective fans.” 

The PlayStation team says they chose Scott because he is “constantly surprising” and “incredibly innovative,” which is something they are looking for when going into a new generation of gaming. 


The rapper has a long history with PlayStation as a fan, making the collaboration an exciting one for Sony as they move full steam ahead. The performer also shared a few words about the collaboration, saying: “I’m really looking forward to being able to showcase everything that Cactus Jack has worked on with Sony and the PlayStation team. Most importantly I’m excited to see how the PlayStation fans and family respond, and I look forward to running some games with everybody very soon!”

Both Microsoft and Sony are preparing for the next generation to launch here next month with updated technology, new games to experience, and two very wildly different marketing strategies regarding their ecosystems. It will be interesting to see what Scott’s influence will be in the larger scheme of things for PlayStation as they focus on making their own ecosystem more independent and guarded from other platforms. 

What do you think about the collaboration between Travis Scott and Sony as the latest PlayStation strategic creative partner? What are you hoping to see come out of this pairing going forward? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below and tell us what you are most exciting for when the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12. 

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