Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood: Tips for this minimalist puzzler

Study the levels

On certain puzzles in Rainmaker, it may be tricky to get on one try so take a good look at it before making your first move. That said, you don’t need to spend minutes on it or anything, just give it a quick thought first before pulling the trigger. Unless you automatically know which direction to take it, then go for it.

But, if you feel a bit lost, take a solid look. Don’t worry, if you fail, you’ll simply just restart right away. So you can fail as many times as you like. However, it’s always nice to try and avoid that as much as you possibly can of course. Getting through on fewer tries makes you feel smarter.

Give it a couple of tries and learn from mistakes. See what you need to do to get yourself through the portal. Try not to get frustrated if you fail a few times. It’s all about learning on the fly, and it feels really good when you finally breakthrough.

Transform at the right times

One of the interesting things about Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood is that you have the ability to change into different things. You’ll need to do this to make the moves needed to get through the portal to the next level. You start as a cube and shift into a bubble and other objects such as a basketball.

The cube has weight, the bubble floats, and the basketball bounces. You need to switch between these to reach your destination. Sometimes, you may need to do this quickly. Letting the bubble float in the air for a period of time and switching to the block to drop might be a requirement for example.

This is arguably the most important thing to master because you need to do it and you need to time your switches correctly. Once you figure out what you need to do on the level, then try your best on trying to perfect the movements needed to succeed.

Try and relax

There’s never a bad time to throw a mental tip out there. We know that Rainmaker – The Beautiful Flood can be a challenging game at times. Try not to let that get to you though (unless you’re an unstoppable force in the game and if you are, then great). It’s a very chill kind of game when you see it.

It also really only requires one hand to use. Games like those can always seem pretty relaxing. So just think of it as a casual experience rather than one that’s trying to toy with your brain. It is a puzzle game, after all, so you know it’s going to have some form of challenge to it.

But I understand that when it’s a tough game, it can be hard to stay relaxed. But, it’s not a fast-paced, heart-pounding game. Just sit back, relax, and take your time with it. Then you’ll feel good once you get the puzzles down. At the end of the day, it’s a simple game that exercises your mind a little bit.


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