Rage 2 Game Awards Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

Id and Avalanche’s shows off some of the insane driving, locations, characters, and so, so many guns in the upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter.

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  1. It's just sooo awesome!! And I need that song!!

  2. Borderlands 3 looks great.

  3. So Bethesda you have this engine but you choose to use the old engine for Fallout 76

  4. Cringe is such dumb word to me, this game looks like it has much more personality than the drab and boring rage 1

  5. This looks super fun but if it's not available outside of Bethesda's launcher then it's a hard pass because I don't want to get doxxed by Bethesda.

  6. Goofier than the first game. I like it!

  7. I have really high expectations for this one, let's hope they won't fuck it up.

  8. Is that MC Chris doing the music? Sweet. I remember the days of Fette's Vette. EDIT nm its Danny Brown. Man he sounds a lot like MC Chris .

  9. whats the song called?

  10. 0:26 Is that a terrain clipping issue? IN THEIR TRAILER?

  11. I really don't like the changes in tone from the first Rage.

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