AppSir has released Puzzling Peaks EXE, a paid mobile title for Android and iOS devices.

It’s a mind-bending physics puzzle game which is as funny as it is challenging, starring a spherical hero called Knightly, a confident administrator called Jasmin, and their quirky AI guide named A.I.D.E. Utilising a memorable combination of stunning pixel art, music and unique narrative techniques, the game paints a charming postmodern story that keeps you intrigued from start to finish.

There are over a hundred unique handcrafted challenges, with a distinct gameplay mechanic where your character can’t move on his own and so you must rotate platforms and manipulate environments to launch him through the level. Using logic, brainpower, quick reflexes and unconditional trust in your companion, you’ll be able to best these levels and get through to the end of the game.

You can watch this trailer below to see more of the game’s physics-based puzzles in action. As you can see it sports a lovely retro aesthetic and nicely chill music composition.

Humour is also a huge part of Puzzling Peaks EXE, with plenty of intentional and unintentional comedy, and AppSir claims its testers have been enjoying a lot of the game’s philosophical gags and even moments which aren’t intended to be funny.

Despite that, AppSir also claims it might be a horror game. “This game may contain horror elements and digital beings that could haunt you. Given the history of our games, it wouldn’t surprise us anymore,” it says on the store page for the game.

If you’re interested, you can download Puzzling Peaks EXE from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android. It’s a premium title which costs £1.99 on iOS and £1.79 on Android.
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