PUBG: Update 14.2 Patch Report – Official Trailer

Here’s the PUBG patch 14.2 trailer for the PUBG 14.2 update. The latest PUBG update introduces the M79 grenade launcher on Taego. This weapon can be equipped in your pistol slot, and has the ability to launch heavy smoke grenades. The PUBG Mortar weapon – a high-damage explosive launcher – is also coming to Taego.

In addition, the 14.2 update adds a couple of new features. These include wildlife such as chickens, and knocked players having the chance to be revived when downed in water. Players can also check out the new Battlestat skins in Contraband Crates, the return of ‘Your Shop’, and more.

PUBG Battlegrounds’ 14.2 update is now live.

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  1. Chicken Chicken Dinner Dinner

  2. I loved pubg but on PlayStation it’s hard to justify

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