Psychonauts 2: First Trailer – The Game Awards 2018

The cult classic action-adventure is back for another round of psychic-power fun. Get your first look at Raz’s new adventure.

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  1. Man, 2019 can not come soon enough.

  2. Wait! A real Psychonauts sequel? Not a VR cash grab? Oh my….

  3. Shaping up beautifully. Looks like the perfect sequel thus far.

  4. Gotta love the Tim Burton vibe this game gives.

  5. Oh no. Starbreeze Studios…

  6. I hope it will be Battle Royale

  7. James Willems from Funhaus will cameo

  8. I've been waiting so long for this! 😂

  9. Raz: Dont worry, I wont do anything crazy!
    Me: Biggest. Lie. Ever.

  10. Holy shit its actually happening

  11. Is James playing the toilet or not?

  12. A real sequel and not just a VR mini game

  13. finally a proper sequel

  14. The first game was fun, but it had such ugly character designs. They had the option to fix that, but they clearly chose not to. -_-

  15. Been a long time coming. So hyped.

  16. This seriously looks better than "MOST" of the nearly countless crap games that came out in the past ten years or more. I'm not talking about graphical fidelity or photo-realism, I'm talking about the way the graphics make me feel when I look at them. I'm talking about art direction. This looks like the developers took their time making the graphics as stylized as possible instead of simply letting the engine do most of the work.

  17. 2019? Really? Really REALLY really?!?! This is a must have when it comes out for me.

  18. I am the first person here lol

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