PROXIMA BETA’s Nations of Shadow is out now in early access on Android in select countries

Nations of Shadow is the latest game fromy PROXIMA BETA, a division of Tencent Games famous for the PUBG series. They have also produced several other popular titles like Arena of Valor, Alchemy Stars, and Contra Returns.

Nations of Shadow will see players leading a faction of their choice and fighting along with fellow survivors across the land in a quest to claim the throne of power. It will offer more than 60 heroes to select and four Fantasy Factions in the form of Vampires, Werewolves, Hunters, and Mages, which players can choose to lead.

Game features

Nations of Shadow will task players with restoring their faction’s glory by careful resource management and construction planning. Their territory will also serve as a base for their Ascension to the top. It also makes it necessary for players to strategize and form teams based on the abilities of their heroes. Proper team selection will be crucial to emerge victorious in each mission.

Nations of Shadow will also have a lot of sandbox-style elements in its gameplay. Players will have the ability to unite with allies and use skills, coordination, and strategy to grow their alliance and conquer the realm.

Game release

Nations of Shadow is out now in early access on Android for users in the Philippines, Australia, Canada, and a few other undisclosed countries. The global release date is yet to be revealed.

Final Words

With an interesting array of factions to choose from and an engaging mission that requires players to bring back the glory days of their faction, Nations of Shadow will surely keep gamers engaged.

The option to choose from four factions also means that players can attempt the same mission with different factions each time, which adds some replay value to Nation of Shadow.

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