Pro Baseball General Manager is the latest management sim from Games2rk, out now for iOS and Android

Following on from the success of Pro Basketball General Manager, developer Games2rk has now brought its engrossing brand of management simulator to America’s national pastime with the release of Pro Baseball General Manager.

Designed specially for mobile, the brand new free offline sporting sim is littered with in-depth features designed to give an authentic management experience, including a fully operational minor league and a wide array of coaches to choose from. Guide your team through the seasons, adding to your roster by drafting, trading and training new players.

Pro Baseball General Manager also brings several new improvements over previous GM titles, including the ability to hire coaches to help your rookies fulfill their potential and a brand new way to manually scout and trade international stars. There are options to: upgrade your facilities, control your team’s financial activities, and set ticket prices and make cash trades. You can also sign sponsors and make deals with authentic gear suppliers.

Besides seeing your shrewd decision making pay-off with wins on the ball field, you can also see how your team compares against others worldwide thanks to an online ranked career mode where yearly rewards await the top managers.

Pro Baseball General Manager is available to download for free from the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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