Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake – Official Reveal Trailer | Ubisoft Forward

The PS2/original Xbox classic is back as a full remake for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Remake will be released on January 21, 2021.


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  1. The remake looks exactly how I remember it in my head.

  2. No parece un Remake. No parece que lo rehicieron, le pusieron un filtro por arriba para que se vea mejor, y aunque el juego es muy bueno, pienso de debieron rehacerlo con mucho mejor gráfica si estamos hablando de un juego de 2021

  3. it's really amazing but I'm wondering whether it will be as small as the original one or it has got something new too?

  4. Isn't the point of a remake to modernize something? This looks modern for 2011.

  5. This was a great game, not worth me playing again though. Would rather have a new game. I hope this means one is in development.

  6. Imagine calling this a remake following FF7 remake and Demons Souls remake. This looks laughably bad for the end of a console generation. The Prince deserves better, especially since the Prince of Persia IP has been dead for a few years now. This is not what will bring in new player interest.

  7. These Graphics are shit in 2020 smh 🤦‍♂️

  8. this is when you try to define garbage
    we are in 2020 and the quality is euuuuh

  9. Do all of these games need to have 'Remake' in the title? You don't see movies that say 'True Grit Remake' or 'Godzilla Remake Remake Remake Remake'.

  10. This is a classic game its in my top 10 for sure. So when I heard "Remake" I expected the graphics to be of the same quality as the Resident Evil 3 Remake, but to my surprise UbiSoft remade the game with 2012-2013 graphics… What the fuck are you doing Ubisoft?

  11. this is the best and true remake of any game of this gen,

  12. What's wrong with the faces?

  13. This, needs a proper audio direction, secondly that character models look terrible…look at 2 resident evil remake, it looks amazing… They should have Dien the same with a title like prince of Persia, besides character animations are not good…. You need to use an Nvidia rtx 3000, we need the game as next gen masterpiece remake.. Compared to the older standards might look better, but not the new standards.

  14. This remake looks terrible. Cash grab with no love for the original and amazing game!!

  15. ☹️Please gamers just buy this pop game because if the gaming companies get loss they never make remake at least just make the prince of persia game average hit😃, but gamers can write the review bad because in 2010 prince of persia forgotten sands has clarity of a lord of the rings movies even in 2020 they are not even improved but everyone is pop franchise fans & i am the biggest fan of pop 😄😁🤑🐎

  16. remaster i think….put remake on the cover….with these graphics….NO…masterpiece or not, this is bullshit.

  17. Damn in the italian version every dubbers is different from the original…im sad

  18. This is fake, I swear

  19. Pop 2008 sequel! Stop milking money from sand story… 😂 Something new! Not another remake!

  20. This game is a masterpiece. It deserves a remake.

    IDK why are some people hating this remake.

  21. Anything for a quick buck…

  22. I am so confused, is the remake for any recent console..

  23. Looks more like a remaster to me. But its a good start. I miss this

  24. Is this a Ps3 graphic referetion?

  25. Not even close to what I'd call a "Remake". Even "Remaster" is a stretch…

  26. Oooh, so this is what people mean by "destroyed my childhood".

  27. Ubi confused the term "remaster" with "remake"

  28. hope they bother to add subtitles and fix the low voices that still is a problem on PS3 HD version this time

  29. This is a remaster at best. But i guess they used the word "remake" with the same mindset as these companies are using the therm "gameplay trailer". 😀

  30. Didn't know they still making games for PS3

  31. Those character models look like they were made for a launch PS3 title. Environments look fine but I really hope that what we're seeing is incomplete.

  32. Will definitly get this remaster, the shown gameplay is alpha footage but given it‘s only 5 months until release i bet that the current build is already way more polished then the Alpha.

  33. Not a remake, more like a remaster. That said, I will still buy this just to improve the chances of Warrior Within remake.

  34. i dont know man, at first i was excited, PoP is a classic, but i dont like these "new" graphics, they look extremely outdated by todays standards, looks like a game from 10 years ago, and it definitely lost the charm of the original game. I see no physics on the pants, not to mention they are not baggy enough as well. Feels like a really cheap attempt to be honest. The character models look quite terrible and low poly. I expected better, i dont know why, after all its Ubisoft we are talking about here, they just recycle as much stuff as they can, i would not be surprised if they would put micro transactions in this game just to piss of fans even more. Sigh…:/ Not to mention that its only available on Uplay and Epic store, what a fucking slap in the face, fuck me.

  35. Nope… Its fan-made right… Are you kidding me? WHATTTTTT?? WHERE IS THE RE-MAKE???????????

  36. Think warrior with I’m might come out remasters ?

  37. Yay Another remake no original ips i can’t wait

  38. Umm… is it just me or does it look the same?

  39. this doesn't look that amazing tbh, should've done all three

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