Prey: Mooncrash – E3 2018 Launch Trailer

Escape the TranStar moon base in the new DLC, available now.

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  1. you spin me right round baby right round

  2. Mooncrash is cool 'cause of mechanics and replayability, but the base game has an aesthetic you really don't get anywhere else.

  3. The prey ultimate edition is on uk 8.99 with all dlc old but SOLD

  4. This trailer actually sold me. Fuck the mixed reviews on steam. You spin me right round

  5. The trailer doesnt lie. Thank you for system shock 3, followed by mooncrash stands alone as brilliant. Just hurry up and throw an ssd in my ps4 for those load times. Your game design is gold.

  6. boring piece of shit, they even decided to make a DLC for this prey shit? just finished today and im so pleased im gonna finally unstall this boring shit.

  7. This game is fantastic. Arkane does great work and with Bethesda money… Yes.

    People who hate are just mad they aren't as successful as either this publisher or developer. 😎

    Get good scrubs.

  8. That narrator – is that the Belter captain (Drummer) from The Expanse?

  9. This is the most unique game I've played in awhile getting on release.

  10. the song alone made me get the game.

  11. Why couldn't we get the pray from 2011 where you were an alien bounty hunter that concept was much more interesting. The absolute worst thing that could have happened was bethesda picking up this frachise and that what happened lol

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