Predictions: Present and Future 3D Printing Applications

3D printing is often associated with the medical industry (prosthetics) or engineering (creating models). But 3D printing applications currently apply to many more industries. As the technology advances, it will apply to many more.

Here are five 3D printing applications examples given in a recent article by TechAcute:

Faster 3D printing

Modern 3D printing can print a centimeter every minute. But when the technology was first invented in the 1980s, it could take up to a few days to finish a single project. TechAcute predicts the rate of print will increase even more as efficiencies are discovered.

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Recovery efforts

Certain goods or services need to be physically brought to an area which has experienced a natural disaster. But what if that location could print some of those items?

3D printing applications in the infrastructure field should be taken seriously. TechAcute reports that a Nepal-based organization called Field Ready is already using the technology to help after a 2015 earthquake took place there.

Lower housing costs

It isn’t all that “futuristic” to say that you could soon be printing a dream home. By layering thousands of concrete rows or bio plastics, a real, sturdy home can be created economically.

This is especially practical in low-income and natural disaster regions, says the article.

Makeup and cosmetics industry

Cosmetics produce tons of plastic container waste. But inventor Grace Choi has created a 3D makeup printer, which uses a hseet of powder paper to print a makeup palette.

This can provide consumers with a swapable, unlimited array of colors, with up to 16.7 million different makeup hues.

Start thinking critically: is there a part of your work life which could be improved or made more efficient through the use of intelligent 3D printing applications? My guess is: there likely is.

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