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  1. how balanced will it really be is the question

  2. What dub song is that on the commercial?

  3. No Xbox huh ok I'll see I will just buy PlayStation

  4. Oh? The game is only coming out on Epic Game Store? Well, I'll just pretend that this game never happened.

  5. Always present for support. Hopefully my channel can be crowded too amen. My Channel content The game and the discussion are pretty good and also and the Narrator Girl, for those of you who want to stop by and look at it please. Who knows like the content. #Sarjanagame

  6. Possible to have a Predator vs Predator mode later?

  7. Those animation need some work and why the hell predator so damn slow?

  8. Didn't learn nothing from Evolve, uh?

  9. This will be a blast! begins to play and everyone who doesn't get to be the predator immediately quits every game oh…

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