Pop-Up: Strategic Whack-a-Mole lets you whack and collect robots in solo or PvP mode, out now on Early Access

Indie game developer Trippy Studios from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has announced a new arcade game for mobile titled Pop-Up: Strategic Whack-a-Mole, available on Open Beta this coming weekend. The free-to-play app combines classic whack-a-mole gameplay mechanics with a fresh twist, adding a new layer of strategy to a familiar game.

In Pop-Up: Strategic Whack-a-Mole, players will take control of BAWT-01 to get rid of little robot nuisances that are stealing energy from your facility’s generators. You’ll have to use BAWT-01’s Popper arm to whack those Pop-Ups to oblivion.

Saving your facility isn’t just about whacking everything in sight willy-nilly – you’ll also have to figure out the best strategy to use as some Pop-Ups can harm your arm if you hit them. Of course, once you beat the little buggers, you can collect them and build your own Pop-Ups team to aid you in your battles.


You can also use your team of Pop-Ups to challenge other players in PvP. To earn more Pop-Ups, you can take on the Tower Challenge to defeat and capture more Pop-Up bosses as well. You can also level up your Popper arm with upgrades for more whacking power.

If you’re curious to see how the gameplay goes, you can take a little sneak peek at the fun little trailer embedded above. You can also head on over to Pop-Up: Strategic Whack-a-Mole’s official website to discover more about the title.

For now, you can try out your hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes in Pop-Up: Strategic Whack-a-Mole on Early Access over on the Google Play Store, or have a go at the iOS version on TestFlight.

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