Poly Vita, the gorgeous, Monument Valley-inspired puzzler, will launch on Google Play alongside iOS

Earlier this week we reported that Alejandro Zielinsky’s Poly Vita will release on iOS next month on 17th March, but now we can also exclusively reveal that an Android version will release on the Google Play store at the same time too.
In Poly Vita, you guide a woman named Maya through her dreams. These dreams take you to a variety of different locations and have you solving a series of puzzles to proceed. The key objective of each stage is to link up a group of soul fragments you find in Maya’s subconscious and build a path to the exit.

Judging by the isometric viewpoint and floating islands that appear in each level, it’s easy to draw some comparisons to the popular mobile game, Monument Valley. Stephen made this observation earlier this week, and Zielinsky has also cited that game as a major inspiration. You can check out some gameplay from Poly Vita below, and also have a listen to the soundtrack’s chill vibes.

Poly Vita is Zielinsky’s second mobile game after Pocket Climber, which is a free to play title belonging to a completely different genre, so it’s great to see the indie developer diversifying their portfolio a bit and branching out to design new kinds of games.
Poly Vita will release on the Google Play for Android store and the App Store for iOS on 17th March. It’s a paid title costing $3.99 and pre-orders are now available on iOS.
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