Pokemon Trading Card Game – GX, Tag Team, Pokemon V, Dynamax Tease Trailer

Take a new look at Pokemon Trading Card Game’s GX, Tag Team, and the new Pokemon V series, including Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Zacian V and Zamazenta V and a tease of Dynamax cards.

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  1. How did he get v and vmax info before it came out

  2. My gambling addiction doesn't need this…

  3. How we suppose to kill 330 HP?

  4. Do I smell a 2 prize card only tag team

  5. nossa! gente
    será que nas cartas SW e SH vão continuar com GX

  6. seeing this is making my hatred towards America grow. they are so exaggerative,retarded and want only MORE.
    FUCK the ALLIES do you know what makes fighting games and rpg's fun? balance!!
    what happens with it? every generation gets overwritten by the next one, for example, in Sun and Moon as of Gen7
    Komala, a Motherfucking koala,has more attack than Arbok, a cobra. and worst of all: at 0:20 three baby pokemon get…

    240 HP!!! what is wrong with the pokemon company, what where they thinking?!

  7. Seems like they finally figured out what to do with those large cardboard cards

  8. I was going for a joke about power creep but this isn't even funny anymore

  9. Pokémon cards aren't cool anymore nintendo

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