Pokémon Sword and Shield Trailer

Check out the first trailer for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, coming to Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Scorbunny is just to cute for me :")

  2. The first pokemon in the first SwSh trailer is a fletchling, sure the fletchling isnt real but talonflame is one of my top 5 fav pokemon and I was kinda dissapointed to see it gone

  3. Scorbunny's final evolution is Fire/Steel type
    Sobble's is Water and either Psychic or Dark
    Grookie's is Grass/Rock

    dont @ me

  4. So basically the main characters live in London

  5. Yugioh is still my favriote but i would still play this one too because because a True Duelist does not Run away from any of the other video games

  6. 0:47 eternatus I'm guessing and gigantimaxing feature because of eternatus physical size

  7. I just hope u can travel the world with a friend on there

  8. 0:30 Minccino just hecking b*tchslaps Pikachu lmao

  9. Im so glad i have a nintendo switch.

  10. 0:28 *Scotland the Brave playing in the background*


  11. w a i l o r d ( e x i s t s )
    random trainer: dynamax now!
    everyone in the whole entire universe, including arceus and the ultra beasts somewhere in space get squished

  12. Can everyone stop it with the aegislash crap

  13. Don't wanna pick any of those 3 as starters

  14. I can't wait until Pokemon
    Dimensions and reality
    Past and future
    Clear and blur
    Creation and destruction
    Dreams and nightmares
    Battle City Osama Osiris and obeerus versions
    Pendulum and Platinum
    Burst and turbo

  15. I love ALL the starters! Sobble is probably my choice tho just cause it reminds me of myself!

  16. 0:13 new female character appears

    rule 34 artists:

  17. My favourite part is when the trainer pees on the fire.

  18. I like how the music is a mix of gen 5 and gen 7

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