There are 3 types of Sync Pair in Pokemon Masters and they all play a role in the Battle Villa, you don’t want to take three damage dealers and assume that will be enough to overwhelm your opponents. It’s important they’re accompanied by tanks, supports and buffers to facilitate what they do best.


A striker will be your damage dealer. Below I’ve listed some solid options to deal with the different halls, if you don’t have the below Sync Pairs another striker of the same type will still do the job but possibly a tad less effectively. The first five halls typing can be ignored since they’re fairly easy to beat even without having a Pokemon that they’re weak against.

  • Fire – Red & Charizard
  • Rock – Olivia & Lycanroc
  • Grass – Brendan & Sceptile
  • Fighting – Korrina & Lucario
  • Steel – Steven & Metagross
  • Dark – Karen & Houndoom
  • Dragon – Lance & Dragonite
  • Flying – Blue & Pidgeot
  • Poison – Roxi & Scolipede
  • Psychic – Giovanni & Mewtwo
  • Bug – Noland & Pinsir
  • Ghost – Giovanni & Mewtwo – Sorry Chandelure


There are a few different ways that Sync Pairs can provide support. They offer the ability to heal their teammates, buff them or refill your move gauge – which is very important but more on that later. Here are a few excellent support options with a brief explanation.

Sabrina & Alakazam – Can increase the critical attack chance of its teammates, reduce the physical damage dealt by opponents. Most importantly though, Alakazam can both heal, raise special attack and accuracy all in one move.

Skyla & Swanna – Can increase the team’s speed which is useful for attack first and heal using Potion.

Rosa & Serperior – Can increase the team’s special attack, tank hits and restore the move gauge.
Rosa & Delibird – Affectionately referred to as Rosanta by fans because of the Christmas theme, this is essentially a physical attack version of Serperior.

Main character & Pikachu – Technically not a support but the Main Character and their partner Pikachu do have the ability to heal using Potion.

Main character & Torchic – Can buff the physical and special attack damage of other Sync Pairs alongside their critical-hit rate, making Torchic a very versatile buffer.
Glacia & Glalie –  Provides healing over time with X Regen All which is extremely helpful in a mode about endurance. Also has a taunt-style move in Attention Here so ensure it tanks hits intended for your striker.

Leaf & Eevee – Can restore the move gauge and heal allies using Potion.

Elesa & Rotom – Able to raise the special attack of allies and has a move that will reduce the Sync Move countdown by two.


The only Tech Sync Pair I’ve personally found to be quite useful is Prof Oak and Mew. That’s not to say the others don’t have their place and if you’d like to tinker with them I’ve left some suggestions below too.

Prof Oak & Mew – Arguably one of the best Sync Pairs for the Battle Villa, particularly if you’ve made yours reach star-level 5 and maxed out its expanded Sync Grid. Once you’ve done that Mew will be very hard to kill and you can spam Swift to help your striker use their Sync Move quicker whilst debuffing the opponents.
Will & Xatu – This duo has a fun gimmick where you can use ‘Our Power Is Limitless’ to essentially steal stats from your opponent. If their stats have been raised Xatu will gain double those stats, which can lead to some fun destruction. On top of that, he can use Confuse Ray to potentially get your opponents to damage themselves, leaving your team unharmed.

Blaine & Ponyta – Can trap opponents with Fire Spin that causes damage over time whilst Sunny Day will increase the damage of fire type moves, which is a potentially great synergy with Red. Speaking of which, onto the next page.

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