Pokemon Legends: Arceus – Official Trailer 2

Check out the latest trailer for ​​Pokémon Legends: Arceus. Take a look at new gameplay, featuring glimpses of exciting Pokémon battles, various Pokémon in the wild, and flying across the beautiful environments.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus releases on January 28, 2022 on Nintendo Switch.

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  1. Pokemon Breath of the Wild.

  2. It looks so cheap, im disappointed

  3. Oh my…this looks so weak. After the lackluster editions that came before, this takes the cake… Some people here in the comments really believe they fix animations and stuff? Look how that applied for Sword/Shield. Not at all and there were the same comments.

    I am seeing this as a fan since the start of the franchise, when I was 8 or so. I only skipped Black/White. The last 3DS games were barely enjoyable for me and the console games are horrendous. If you consider the legacy and scale of the franchise that is Pokemon.

    You can not tell me honestly THIS is the BEST they could deliver? It all seems soulless and without any passion. Raw graphics are not relevant, but look how they designed this mess. Everything looks so lifeless, so generic, so copypaste, so unfitting, so not thought through.

  4. I feel like thisbis the Pokémon game fans have been asking for for the last 25 years. I can't wait!

  5. Cringe, the world would be demonstrably better if this franchise ended and all of its "fans" fell into a deep sleep.

  6. is the going to be gyms and a evil team in this game or not.

  7. So many sheep in these comments 😂

  8. this game looks like a gamecube game. no sry gamecube game looks better

  9. I'm pretty excited to see more of this, I hope they address some of the more blatant animation faults and close up texutres. Will wait until it releases to see how it fairs.

  10. Looks solid, but I still don't see why I should play this over Monster Hunter Stories.

  11. They should make an anime based on this game

  12. They managed to make the game look ugly and beautiful at the same time and idk how

  13. Hold up! Pokémon can attack the trainers too?! That’s terrifyingly realistic! I am very excited for this feature!

  14. breath of the wild called it wants its alpha footage back

  15. people just want to find any negative they can lmao the graphics aren’t even bad

  16. can create magical animal shrinking balls, can't create freaking shoes

  17. I have seen better Fan made Pokemon games. This honestly looks bad

  18. Imagine being excited and wanting to pay for this crap asset flip excuse for a game 1/10

  19. Looks nice but I'm still ye of little faith with pokemon

  20. I don't know how Game Freak manages to do this but this game looks really really cool and really really bad at the same time.

  21. this looks like game from 2002

  22. In my opinion, even though im not gonna get the game day one, this game looks really good so far. Their seems to be barley any lag but the graphics arent very good. however gameplay does seem really fun and the animations have more effort put into them then simply the pokemon hopping or sliding. I think going to certain locations to find your favorite pokemon is cool. definitely a good step into a hopefully a new pokemons series.

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