Pokemon Go’s Mega September starts today, with several events taking place throughout the month

Mega Pokemon have recently arrived in Pokemon Go and so it’s only natural that Niantic would hold an event related to this new addition. They’re calling it Mega September and it’s live now and will run throughout the month with different events taking place each week.

From today until September 7th players will be tasked with completing as many Mega Raids as possible. That means you can expect more of them to appear and you’ll also receive an attack bonus when raiding with friends.

There will also be Field Research based on Mega Raids that will net players Mega Energy for Venusaur, Charizard and Blastoise. Additionally, if two million Mega Raids are beaten cumulatively, players will unlock Mega Pidgeot. A host of Pokemon will also appear more in the wild such as Aerodactyl and Lotad – which has a chance of being shiny.

Then, from September 11th to 17th, the focus will switch to Gym, Team Go Rocket and Trainer battles – outside of the Go League. If 275 million of these battles are won then players will unlock Mega Houndoom. Though the focus with the event will be on Mega Beedrill.

Mega Beedrill specifically will receive a CP boost during battles and players will be able to obtain one by completing the event-exclusive research. Elsewhere, more Bug-Types will appear in the wild including Caterpie, Weedle, Paras, Venonat, Scyther, Pinsir, Ledyba, Spinarak, Wurmple, Kricketot, and Burmy.

Finally, from 22nd September to 28th, players will be able to keep their Pokemon in their Mega forms for 12 hours instead of four. Larger Pokemon will also appear in the wild more frequently including Doduo, Alolan Exeggutor, Pinsir, Lapras, Snorlax, Furret, Wobbuffet, Mantine, Skarmory. There will also be timed research that will unlock Mega Gengar for Halloween.

Pokemon Go is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.
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