Pokémon Go Adds Jessie And James From Team Rocket

Team Rocket has been in Pokémon Go for a while (going by the name Team GO Rocket), offering you the chance to battle everything from generic grunts all the way up to the Giovanni himself. Now, developer Niantic is introducing Team Rocket’s most famous members: Jessie and James.

Jessie and James arrive via their famous Meowth hot air balloon. Just like with the other members of the team, you can tap them and do battle with their roster of Shadow Pokémon. In addition to these new NPCs to do battle with, you can also outfit yourself like Jessie and James through new avatar items inspired by these two.

For now, Jessie and James are only appearing for a limited time, so if you want to battle them, you better do so before they blast off again.

[Source: Pokémon Go]

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