Pokémon Café Mix Is A Free-To-Start Puzzle Game On Switch And Mobile Devices

The Pokémon Company has announced a new puzzle game for Switch, iOS, and Android. Pokémon Café Mix tasks players with linking Pokémon together by grabbing and swirling their icon and dragging them next to a matching icon. Unlike other match-style puzzle games, the icons aren’t based on a grid. Once icons are matched, they will be cleared from the puzzle.

You play the owner of a café Pokémon visit, and it’s your job to work alongside Pokémon employees to make drinks and food for your customers. The Pokémon on your staff have special Café Skills that can be used to help you out as you try to complete the puzzles. Each time you finish a puzzle, you’re able to serve an order to a customer. As you serve drinks and dishes to Pokémon, you increase your friendship level with them. When you complete a certain number of puzzles, your café can be upgraded with new tools or areas, which may lure new Pokémon into your café.


Pokémon Café Mix is able to be preloaded, preordered, and preregistered today on Switch, iOS, and Google Play respectively.

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