PlayStation Reveals PS5 Box With The Help Of Burger King

With the reveal of the PS5 UI, Sony also tag-teamed with Burger King to show off the retail box for the next generation of PlayStation. We had our first look at the retail look for the Xbox Series X earlier this year, now it’s PlayStation 5’s turn in the spotlight. 

Sony revealed that they were partnering with Burger King earlier this month with a small teaser that sounded like the start-up sound of the new system. Now a full video is available from the king of burgers, surprising fans with systems and giving us our first look at the box where the next gen begins. 

As for the partnership, Sony fans can go to their nearest Burger King to enter for a chance to win a PS5. Much like how Taco Bell is working with Microsoft for the Xbox Series X, we’re never going to turn down a chance to eat food in exchange for the potential for a next gen platform. 

PlayStation 5 arrives on November 12. Are you excited? Sound off in the comment section below to tell us what you’re looking forward to the most when PS5 and Xbox Series X arrives next month! 

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