PGA Tour 2K21: Tips to help you on the professional links

Use Putt Preview

One of the biggest things I hear players having trouble with is the putting, so we’ll focus on this first. It’s also probably the most important part of real and video game golf. It’s the one area of the sport where you truly score because you’re putting the ball in the hole.

But in PGA Tour 2K21, putting can seem tricky at first. Thankfully, there is a great feature that can help you improve your game on the greens. It’s called Putt Preview and it might seem familiar because it has been in some of the Tiger Woods games in the past.

But with PGA 2K focusing on being as realistic as possible, using putt preview is a great way to sort of giving you some training wheels early on. After that, feel free to turn the feature off or just stop using it, and see how things go out there. Putting will feel more natural to you once you use the putt previews and get comfortable with reading grids. Now get out there and drill some putts.

Practice Club Selection

One thing that can have a dramatic effect on your virtual golf game is club selection. Choosing the best club possible for certain situations can make or break your performance on a hole. This is especially true on approach shots, with the green in sight.

Most of the time, you are given the best club to use for each shot. However, this isn’t always accurate so sometimes you have to switch things up. Definitely try and pay attention to the wind. This is the ultimate reason why you’d swap clubs.

Depending on the direction of the wind and how strong it is, you may need to club up or down to fit the situation. Getting familiar with different clubs and paying close attention to the wind will have you hitting some great approach shots in no time.

Get Comfrotable With The Short Game

There are going to be many instances where you find yourself short of the green or over it. This leaves you with the chance to go for a chip shot. Sometimes, you hit a great second on a par-5 but find yourself a good 45-50 yards short of the green. This is is where pitch and flop shots come in to play.

This family of shots is all part of the short game aspect of golf. And the key to mastering this art in PGA Tour 2K21 is by judging your touch. It’s similar to putting in that touch is everything. Zoom in to the flag and see where your marker is. If you’re in the rough, you might want to move your aim marker further back to generate more power.

If you’re hitting from the fairway, you can get away with being lighter on your shots. If you’re 35-40 yards out, then I highly recommend using a flop shot. This shot is a beast when executed properly. With the right amount of touch, you can see your ball land just a few feet from the hole. This is because the shot pops your ball up in the air, preventing it from rolling too far if hit too hard.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still hit your flops too hard if you aren’t careful. However, it will stop pretty quickly, saving you the extra long putt.

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