Path to Nowhere, a tower defense gacha RPG, opens pre-registration ahead of global launch

AISNO Games has opened pre-registration for the English and Japanese versions of the upcoming tower defense gacha RPG; Path to Nowhere. This brand new anime-style game sports a very gothic vibe, and plays a lot like other super popular gacha such as Arknights or the upcoming Girls Frontline: Neural Cloud.

Path to Nowhere started its open beta in August for Chinese audiences, and so soon after, is beginning a pre-registration campaign for both the English and Japanese regions. With a lot of systems that take after recent successful gacha games, it’s absolutely one you’ll want to get your hands on once it launches at a later date.

The gameplay of Path to Nowhere, much like the previously mentioned Arknights, sees a tile-based map with portions you’ll need to defend. To do so, you’ll choose a squad of characters from the vast roster and take a collection of them onto the battlefield.


From there, you’ll place them in positions across the stage as wave after wave of enemies enters, and utilize their timed abilities and auto-attack patterns to hold them off. If this one is anything like other tower defense games, it’s safe to assume that this deceptively simple gameplay loop will end up becoming quite difficult in the later stages and require a lot of strategic placement and quick thinking.

On top of this, as is usual for most gacha games, you’ll be able to upgrade all of your units and make sure they stay up to par with the higher-level content. This will buff up not only their stats but the effectiveness of their abilities too.

The most unique part of Path to Nowhere is surely the striking visuals. The art style gives a lot of gothic vampiric vibes, with deep reds and shades of black adorning most of the characters. The general setting seems cyberpunk-like in nature, but the colours really make it stand out from other genre contemporaries, making it quite gloomy.

If you’d like to pre-register for Path to Nowhere now, you can do so at either of the links below. In the meantime, you can also check out the official website for more information and screenshots as well.

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