Pascal’s Wager’s “Deep into the Dark Mist” expansion launches May 29th, just in time for a temporary price reduction

Pascal’s Wager is among the most acclaimed mobile games of 2020 so far, and it shows no signs of slowing down with the impending arrival of its latest expansion, Deep into the Dark Mist. It’s set to arrive as a free update on May 29th, and we’ve got the first details on what fresh horrors lie in wait for you.

At its core, the Dark Mist mode is a hyper-challenging experience that sees you venturing into suffocating fog in order to seek out the treasures and secrets hidden within.

It makes use of unfamiliar terrain and a constant sense of dread to throw you off your game. And if that wasn’t already bad enough, you certainly won’t be alone in there, with the maps featuring countless terrifying enemies to face off against in intense combat.

Even the treasure chests can’t be trusted in the mist, as you never know what opening one up might trigger. It’s far too tantalising not to check inside, but you should definitely remain on your toes before and after doing so.

Then there’s the mysterious phantom vase, which you’ll no doubt spot as you continue to delve deeper into the map. This gives you the ability to summon a phantom companion, though there’s once again a huge element of risk to doing so, as can’t be sure whether or not they can be trusted.
Your ultimate goal in this mode is to maintain your sanity while building your obsession gauge. Once your gauge is full, a challenging boss encounter will trigger. Defeating whatever creature appears is the only way to escape the mist and claim your special trophy.

New players will be able to hop into the mode after finishing the Katib chapter. Simply purchase the mist lamp from Glenn’s owl in the carriage to begin your descent into madness. Those already in the game’s New Game Plus mode can buy the mist lamp immediately.
Just in time for the mode’s arrival on May 29th, Pascal’s Wager will go on sale. The base game’s price will be reduced to $3.99, and those who’ve bought that version will have the option to purchase the Heroic Herald Outfit for Terrence and the Deep into the Dark Mist expansion for $0.99 each. Owners of the full-price version will get the expansion for free.

The Android port is still in the works and expected to launch soon. There’s also another major expansion, known as Tides of Oblivion, to look forward to.

If you’re down for a soulslike challenge, you’ll find Pascal’s Wager available for purchase as a premium title from over on the App Store.
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