Smooth Intuitive

There are plenty of Souls-like games out there and some have mobile ports such as Lords of the Fallen which is more known on consoles. However, Pascal’s Wager is purely made with the mobile gamer in mind it seems, as the gameplay fits the style.

When you play, the on-screen buttons are quite responsive. This, of course, is very critical for a game like this where you need to be able to attack, dodge, etc against different enemies; some of which might be tough to take down at times.

Now, you can say that most mobile games’ touch screen controls are smooth, but you’d be surprised because on occasion you might see some that aren’t as easy-going. You should also be able to use a mobile controller of some kind if you feel that’ll be easier.

Not as Difficult as Other Souls-Likes

Probably the most famous and distinctive aspect of the Souls series is the game’s difficulty level. In many games, you could adjust your difficulty, but there’s no such thing in these games. Other games have followed suit, eliminating difficulty settings altogether.

However, in Pascal’s Wager, you will have the ability to set your difficulty. When the game first released, you had to roll with one difficulty, like the Souls games. Since then, there is an easier difficulty that you can select which is nice for newer players.

This is a great way to get your feet wet and give yourself a more forgiving experience. It’s always good to have that kind of flexibility to work with. So whether you’re new or experienced with Souls-like, you might appreciate the options.

Atmospheric Ambiance

Pascal’s Wager is one of those games where wearing headphones helps make the experience better. In Bloodborne-style fashion, creepy sounds can be heard around almost every corner. The sounds of enemies will echo through your headphones, really putting you in Terrance’s shoes.

They did a great job of creating an atmosphere that is immersive with its audio. It can keep you on edge at times, even when the enemy nearby might be a weak one. Music and atmospheric audio can be critical to how great a game can be and Pascal’s Wager definitely does a terrific job with this.




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