Grab that magic ball

OK, so it’s not super clear on how exactly you get a win early on, but the key is gobbling up a sparkly new ball. So no, you can’t just eat your opponents outright. When eating the special ball, you’ll become super powerful, and grants you the ability to eat everything. This includes opponents and the CPU ghosts.

Be quick when you consume it though because the effect won’t last long. More than likely, you’ll need to use it more than once to get the win. It’s tough to eliminate three players with one consumption. If you’re really lucky, you can knock out two of them. 

This ball does move too so be swift and smart when you get near it. Don’t let it juke you out. Other players will also try to go for it too so it can be a dog fight. Be the early bird and get that worm. 

Bump other players

This is something you don’t need to do if you don’t want to, but it’s just good to know that you can do. Bumping into other players can be a slight defensive strategy of sorts. Don’t want that other player to grab the super ball? Give them a little bump and then make a run for it to get it yourself. 

Again, this is something that is totally unnecessary but if you want to have a little fun with the other players then go for it. Remember, the magic ball does move, so the little bumps could stop them from getting to it if you’re quick enough to make a dash yourself. The game is pretty chaotic already so feel free to crank it up a notch. 

Your enemies can help you

This is something to remember more than it is something that you do. Your opponents can help you (although unwillingly) in one particular way. If they consume the magic ball and you’re still in Pac-Man form, you will be able to eat any of the ghosts that are there.

So, if one of the other players is a ghost, then here’s your chance to finish them off. Just don’t get eaten by the player that consumed the ball and you’ll be gravy. So it goes to show that, even when you miss out on the ball, you still can take advantage of the situation.

And if you’re the ghost then run like crazy and avoid any and all Pac-Men. Just be smart with your directions and don’t panic. Luckily, players don’t move too fast so it gives you enough time to think about your next route. Pac-Man Party Royale can be a game of chess. You need to outwit your opponents.


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