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Tour de France 2021 – Official My Tour Mode Trailer

Check out the trailer for a look at what to expect with the My Tour …


  1. Disappointed in how this turned out. A real step backwards from last year's demake.

  2. How many people want to show this trailer Nintendo already showed it yesterday I see everyone’s excited for Pac-Man 99 it’s better then MARIO

  3. Got it while it’s still free.

  4. I like how you just took this video from Nintendo YouTube channel and post it on yours to get views

  5. Will this be a limited time game?

  6. Something about Photon Aerospace Control Engineer starts crawling in

  7. I can’t wait for Qbert 35 and Frogger 3000

  8. 1. Hype

    2. Where does it fit in the timeline? Is it cannon to 256 or no? Is it cannon to Pac-Man World? I must find out

  9. Uh where game? I can’t play it yet

  10. Yeah let's ruin Pac-Man as well with another fucking Battle royale bullshit.Fucking stupid.

  11. Explaining pac man…….are yu serious !! Don't be a quack man…….

  12. No death date in sight. This intrigues me.

  13. This game looks more fun than mario 35th

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