Overwatch 2 – Official Bastion Rework Trailer

The Overwatch development teams reveals the Overwatch 2 Bastion rework. Watch the trailer to see some new Overwatch 2 gameplay featuring Bastion’s abilities in action. The friendly robot has lost his self-repair ability, but that’s been replaced by a projectile that can bounce off walls and stick to players. While in sentry form, Bastion can also move now, albeit at a reduced speed. Most notably, Overwatch 2 Bastion’s ultimate has been changed, with the character’s tank mode removed entirely. Bastion will be able to enter ‘artillery mode’, which sees the player call in an artillery strike to target three points on the map.

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  1. Fucking garbage . Blizzard LIED ANOUT OW1

  2. Without Jeff Overwatch has no real sense of direction anymore.

  3. That artillery mode makes no sense as the other players won't be standing still

  4. They just got rid of my favorite Bastion abilities

  5. Developer… we gave bastion a overhaul
    Me…… really tell me more
    Developer…. he now has a hat

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