Overwatch 2 – Official Bastion New Look Trailer

Character art director Arnold Tsang talks us through Bastion’s new look in Overwatch 2. In this overview, we learn that Bastion and Torbjörn have become pals, which has resulted in Bastion receiving a fair few tech upgrades. Torbjörn has also kindly given Bastion a hat to wear in skirmishes.

Blizzard recently announced that Bastion will also be reworked for Overwatch 2. This means that several of his abilities, including his ultimate, have been altered for the upcoming sequel.

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  1. they gave bastion a hat, now we have to buy Overwatch again?

  2. They make if sooo easy to boycott Blizzard

  3. New look doesn't sell me. No disrespect to the artist but it seems you made him just from square to round

  4. They do realize that every character already had like a bazillion skins and character models in the previous game, right? Then why on earth would they think a new Bastion model would be worth a trailer? That's just stupid in my opinion. But I guess stupid is what's to be expected from Blizzard these days.

  5. I .. don't see a difference.. it's the meme of " it's the same picture".

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