Overkill's The Walking Dead – Maya Trailer

Introducing Maya, the second playable character from OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead – the upcoming game from OVERKILL, Starbreeze Studios and 505 Games.

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  1. how she even survived ?

  2. The way these trailers looking i gotta feeling the gameplay not even going to look a quarter as good

  3. White game developers lust for Asian girl shows so hard.

  4. amazing trailers!! but I already know game's going to look nothing like this… Hopefully I'm wrong

  5. Aww, what happened to telltale games?

  6. some advice to the gaming community. Dont get hype, or dont set too high of a standard. Wait for release.

  7. Didn't know Faith give up running to become a nurse

  8. Her face looks freakishly realistic.

  9. These type of trailers are garbage due to them not showing any type of gameplay whatsoever.

  10. Could be the undead game I've been looking for

  11. there not an ounce of originality in this trailer…
    metal gear, tomb raider, and zombie

  12. выглядит чем-то неуловимо похоже на старые добрые части Resident Evil (1-3), надеемся и ждем

  13. Why do they make this stuffs like I will have to upgrade my graphics card again.

  14. Wow '28 weeks later' game looks awesome!

  15. Is this game a XBox One exclusive

  16. Can't wait to be disappointed

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