NieR Reincarnation, the highly-anticipated RPG, is now available for iOS and Android

Following the initial announcement back in March 2020, NieR Reincarnation is now available globally for iOS and Android devices. It’s arriving with a bang, hosting a NieR Automata crossover event from the off, which is sure to pull in a few extra players given the deserved popularity of that game.

The crossover will bring 2B, 9S and A2 into NieR Reincarnation as playable characters you can summon to join your team. You can check out the embedded trailer below for a showcase of their various abilities. It’s all elegant, over the top action distilled into turn-based actions, which is exactly what fans want to see.

As for the game itself, it takes place in The Cage and follows The Girl of Light, who begins exploring this mysterious world. She is accompanied by her guide, Mama, a small, floating creature that looks like an archetypal bedsheet ghost. It’s adorable.

Together they will have to deal with The Dark Monster, a mute creature that looks like a cross between an insect and knight. Though it doesn’t speak, it clearly has a mission to fulfil, and it’ll be up to The Girl of Light to figure out what that objective is.

There are other characters to meet through the game who will join you in battle. Combat looks to play out in a turn-based fashion, meaning you’ll give commands to your squad and focus on strategy rather than hack ‘n’ slash combinations. If you’d rather focus on the story, an auto-mode is available that takes the fights out of your hands.

NieR Reincarnation is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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