Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl – Official Jenny, Hugh Neutron & Rocko Reveal Trailer

My Life as a Teenage Robot’s Jenny “XJ-9” Wakeman joins the roster of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl as premium DLC today, but she’s not alone! Hugh Neutron and Rocko are also joining the fight later this year. Hugh Neutron will be available this Summer and Rocko in the Fall. Each will also get unique stages and costumes.

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  1. Ok I’m playing again xD

  2. Rocko <3
    now i really gotta think about buying that game^^

  3. Hugh is about to bring so many players back. They Resold me with XJ9yen lol

  4. 0:54 & 1:08 Jimmy Neutron’s Dad!??? Next I guess Swiper The Fox from Dora will be there to brawl and wow 🦊 🧤

  5. I can already tell Hugh is gonna be the most op character in the game.

  6. Now I wanna see uncle ales opinion on this

  7. Just waiting on those voice lines. 😑

  8. I hope we get Parker Dinkleman and Josh Redgrove from Mr. Meaty next!

  9. Wait
    Why can't we have Jimmy himself?

  10. Reptar seems too small here..?

  11. Hugh looks better in the game than he did in the actual show.

  12. I'm not playing this until i see Zuko appear.

  13. Got ideas for DLC players and stages

    Fighter: Mrs Trudy X Stage : Homebase (The X’s)

    Fighter: El Tigre Stage: Miracle City Volcano (El Tigre)

    Fighter: Kid Danger Stage: The Man-Cave (The Adventures of Kid Danger)

    Fighter: Snap Stage: ChalkZone (ChalkZone)

    Fighter: Otis Stage: The Barnyard (Back at the Barnyard)

    Fighter: Timmy Turner Stage: Fairy World (Fairly OddParents)

    Fighter: Milli Stage: Downtown Umi City (Team Umizoomi)

    Fighter: Parker J. Cloud Stage: Mount Middlemost (Middlemost Post)

    Fighter: Fanboy Stage: The Frosty Mart (Fanboy and Chum Chum)

    Fighter: Tak Stage: PupuNunu Village (Tak and the Power of JuJu)

    Fighter: Ronnie-Anne Santiago Stage: The Mercado (The Casagrandes)

    Fighter: Sanjay and Craig Stage: The Frycade (Sanjay and Craig)

    Fighter: Chase Stage: PAW Patrol HQ (PAW Patrol)

    Fighter: Miko Kubota Stage: Hinobi HQ (Glitch Techs)

    Fighter: Mr. Blik Stage: The Mansion (Catscratch)

    Fighter: Buhdeuce Stage: Rocket Van (Breadwinners)

    Fighter: Bloom Stage: Alfea (Winx Club)

    Fighter: Daggett Beaver Stage: The Dam (Angry Beavers)

    Fighter: Smurfette Stage: Smurf Village (The Smurfs)

    Fighter: Luna Loud Stage: Mick Swagger concert (The Loud House)

    Fighter: Mr. Krabs Stage: Krusty Krab (SpongeBob SquarePants)

    Fighter: Vlad Plasmius Stage: Vlad’s Castle (Danny Phantom)

    And maybe if we’re lucky (probably not because of the low budget) a story mode with cutscenes, enemies and bosses to fight.

    Can anyone think of more ideas?

  14. So happy to see Jenny again, now gotta campaign for El Tigre

  15. Waiting for Monkey Man and really really big guy

  16. Hugh is going to be OP

  17. Adding X-J9 is pretty cool.

  18. Out of the Way Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
    Nobody needs you anymore.

  19. ROOOCKOOOOOOO00000!!!!!!

  20. Very happy to see the devs still putting the love into this game. It may have its flaws and heavily budgeted, but its a great loveletter to both party fighters and nostalgia.

  21. 😃 Jenny Wakeman ! Oh it's Jimmy's Dad Hugh & Rocko

  22. Man, they will nerf Hugh the heck out of it when he releases.

  23. Omg this is so hype

  24. I hate that i am broke right now, i really want to try this, but i have to wait until june 1st, that is almost 3 weeks away, that is quite awhile to wait 🙁

  25. Oh now I get it, it's Jenny. also Hugh Neutron from Jimmy Neutron and Rocko from Rocko's modern life

  26. It’s good to see Nickelodeon still acknowledges Teenage Robot and Jimmy Neutron


  27. All fantastic choices, now all I need is El Tigre and I’m content.

  28. I so exicted of 3 characters. I want some character of Rocket Power, Henry and June from Kablam or Promethues and Bob will be next DLC.

  29. Jenny was a shock ngl but I love it anyways Hugh I’m thrilled about and rocko I was shocked wasn’t in the base game

  30. Rocko: Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby.
    Mrs Bighead: Rocko?!
    Rocko: Mrs-Mrs. Bighead?! Both gang off the phone.

  31. Darn too bad this dlc isn't free, i can't get it until i get paid 🙁

  32. UncleAl would really love this!😍

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