Nexon’s massive fantasy MMO V4 launches this week, check out our exclusive trailer and screenshots

It’s not everyday that a beautful, multi-platform MMO releases onto mobile platforms, but it turns out that one of the days where it does is later this week. To celebrate V4’s launch later this week we’ve been provided with some in-game screenshots and a trailer for Pocket Gamer LaunchPad. You can find them all below.

Where V4 stands out from the competition for me is that the MMO is launching crossplay between PC and mobile players, meaning that both are experiencing the same Unreal Engine 4 powered gameplay in co-operation. Well, co-operation is a loose term, V4 launches with not only the PVE campaign, but also PVP and PVPVE experiences where players fight against each other while other dangers exist in the same area.

Alongside this, there are other features which stand out, including a player-driven marketplace and apparently excess of fifty customisation options for each character. 
If you signed up for pre-registration then you’ll net unique rewards, which include a Limited Edition Mount Costume, 100’000 in gold, some extra teleportation scrolls as well as potions and 200 bento chests.

V4 will be available on both the App Store and Google Play (as well as PC) in all regions except China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan.
Head to the Pocket Gamer LaunchPad hub to find all of our exclusive announcements from our three-day event

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