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Expeditions: Rome – Official Syneros Companion Trailer

Learn about Syneros, the Mentor, and take a look at the character’s combat abilities, including …


  1. Is the Trailer Copyright? Every channel has the trailer xD.

  2. what is the song that plays??

  3. Sure the trailer looks sick but the gameplay is a whole different story

  4. Holy shit that’s such a dope concept

  5. cant really tell anything from this …i'll always give an MMO a chance(cause us MMO fans are desperate), but who even knows what the gameplay is like ..could be ok, could be shit …we'll probly find out sometime in 2024 or something

  6. MMO? Oh well plenty of other games to choose from.

  7. Sofia viagara is that you?

  8. I was hoping for Remnant DLC

  9. The MMO market is getting even more saturated

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