NetEase Connect 2021 will showcase 13 games on May 20th and will be broadcast in English for the first time

NetEase Games will host its usual annual product launch event next Thursday, May 20th, and for the first time, the company will broadcast the conference worldwide in English. It will start at 1:30 pm – that’s 12:30 pm BST – and showcase a host of different games.

We can expect to learn about 13 titles across PC, console and mobile that will include a mixture of upcoming content for NetEase’s existing roster alongside completely new games to get excited about. Of course, it will be accompanied by brand new footage so you can see all the games in action.

Some of the games set to be showcased include Racing Master, NARAKA: Bladepoint and the recently announced Frostpunk. Solely from those three examples, there is clearly plenty of variety on offer, so there will likely be a game for anyone who decides to tune in.

If you would like to tune into NetEase Connect 2021, the show will be streamed over on the official NetEase Games YouTube channel and the NetEase Games Facebook page. The latter will feature several hints each day in the lead up to the event that will provide some clues for the games that will appear during the show.

NetEase began running its annual NetEase Connect events back in 2015. However, this will mark the first time the show will be broadcast to a worldwide audience in English. It’s a smart move, given the stature of NetEase in the mobile game realm and the popularity of their games on a global scale.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to tune into the stream or simply prefer to read your gaming news, then we will be covering all of the reveals on Pocket Gamer. 

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