What do I get when I add friends to Hay Day?

When you add a friend to Hay Day, you will get access to their farm via the friends section. There, you can select your friend’s farm at any point – if they are online or offline – and you can go and visit their farm.

Adding more friends to Hay Day will unlock more slots at your roadside shop – the shop that they shop from when visiting your farm.

What can I do at my friend’s farm on Hay Day? What can my friends do on my farm on Hay Day?

Once you’ve added somebody in Hay Day, there’s a whole bunch of things that you’ll be able to do – including, but not limited to:

– See how they have designed their farm.
– Help with orders they have tagged on their bulletin board.
– See what items they have for sale.
– Pick up visitors from their town via the train (as long as your train is repaired on your farm)

How can I add friends on Hay Day?

– You can connect your account with your Facebook account to automatically add friends from Facebook who use the game.
– You can connect your SUPERCELL ID with the game, to add your friends from Supercell games automatically to Hay Day.
– You can send your friend code to other farmers to add them manually to the game.

Where do I find my friend code?

First, click on the icon of three people in the bottom right hand side of the screen. This will open the friends menu. From there, you need to click on the small book with a chicken on it, on the left hand side of the bar. This will open your Friend Book. Here, you can see your tag and search for your friends tag. Once you have sent a friend a request through the friend book, they need to accept the request and then will be added as an in-game friend. There is a limit of 250 friends total, but no limit to the number of farmers you can follow.

How do I get a SUPERCELL ID account?

You will need to register (or log in) from within the game. On the left hand, top corner of the screen there is a cog icon. Tap this icon, then hit LOG IN next to the SUPERCELL ID banner. From there, you will be taken to a screen where you can either log in, or register using just an email. You will need access to this email to verify it, but once you have, it is connected.

If you are looking for some farmers to help you out, feel free to leave your friend code in the comments below this article – and take a look to see if there is a farmer you’d like to follow or friend!

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