Balance Your Card Usage

As we mentioned, NBA SuperCard is a game that is all about the power of your cards. Depending on the number of cards you have in your deck, you’ll likely have a mix of players with varying attributes. You may end up with a couple of high rated cards while the others could be average. 

One way to play early on is to mix up the cards that you use. For example, you can start off with a bang, using one of your most powerful cards. Then, follow-up with your mediocre players and finish things off with your last powerful card. 

That’s just one of many ways you can mix things up early on. You can play it safe and use an average card for your first, and then you unleash a stronger one after too. Mixing up your strategy is one of the fun things about the game, and it can really help give you an edge. 

Upgrade Your Players

Didn’t get a powerful NBA or WNBA card in the latest pack you opened? Then don’t worry, because one thing that you can do that can boost up your lineup is to upgrade your cards. As you complete games, you’ll have the ability to give one of your cards a jolt.

When doing this, its attributes will improve, making it much more dangerous. All of the player’s attributes will receive a nice gain. If you’re struggling to find some powerful cards after cracking open packs, this is an excellent way to grow your team’s strength home-grown style.

With that being said, the cards you earn will be at random, so you just have no clue when you might strike gold. The nice thing about upgrading current cards is that, if you do earn some new, more highly regarded players, then your upgraded ones will compliment them beautifully.

Make Use of Support Cards

In NBA SuperCard, you’ll be able to unlock some specialty cards aside from NBA and WNBA players. You can earn Support Cards as you play. The little beauties give you in-game boosts to help give you an edge during competition. 

These are really good to use if you’re putting an average player out there on the court, and you want to give them a little boost. It’s also, of course, great for your stronger players too as the support cards can improve their ratings too. 

Just keep in mind that these can be used just once per turn so just try to be wise as to when you decide to utilize them to your advantage. After each match, you’ll be able to select three cards at random. There’s a solid chance that you can snag a Support Card in the process. 

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