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In Da Hoop – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Here’s the first look at the reveal of In Da Hoop, a hoop-hooting VR game …


  1. who wants to watch space jam new legacy?

  2. Warped reality indeed lol curry dunking, Shaq and Simmons draining 3s ?

  3. LOL… Shaq hitting a 3 is somewhat believable. Curry dunking like VC is somewhat believable.

    But there's no way in any warped reality that Ben Simmons would ever be a good outside shooter!


  4. Wait, did they have Shaq make a 3??

  5. 99 rated Ben Simmons? I know it's a video game but still

  6. They should add skins, i wanna make shaq a bald golden shaolin monk

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