SneakyBox has launched [Un]defeated on mobile devices.

It’s a narrative focused game that raises awareness for tuberculosis, presented in a comic book style and revolves around a love story between a couple and their experience with the stigmatised infectious disease.

Taking place in an idyllic seaside town, Tom is content living a slow and melancholic life until he meets Milda, an emerging tennis student, and for the first time in his life he finds something to fight for both in and out of the tennis court. He accepts the challenge with great resolve.

Following their story, you will end up witnessing beautiful moments as you make decisions that affect the destinies of both characters and the people around them. SneakyBox has described the game as a “coming of age story about love and taking responsibility both for yourself and your loved ones. About becoming a conscious person.”

The full game of [Un]defeated features a three part interactive story where you’ll follow the relationship between Tom and Milda. It’s presented in a comic book style, complete with separate panels, speech bubble overlays and dramatic cuts. The art itself is inspired by Japanese manga, complete with the stylised facial expressions and distinct depiction of movement. It also features tennis minigames just to shake things up and break off from the traditional narrative choice-based gameplay.

[Un]defeated is presented by the Centre for Communicable Diseases and AIDS (ULAC), under a project named “Public information, training of tuberculosis patients and their family members on tuberculosis prevention and control”. Hoping to raise more awareness for the stigmatised infectious disease, it’s funded by the European Social Fund and the State budget.

You can download [Un]defeated for free from the iOS App Store or Google Play for Android.
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