My Time at Portia is out now on iOS and Android, with a discounted price and mobile-exclusive in-game gifts

My Time at Portia, the hit RPG-slash-simulation game, is finally out now on iOS and Android worldwide. Following its massive success on PC and Switch, Pathea Games and Pixmain’s popular title lets players dive back into the town of Portia with a charming take on a post-apocalyptic world.

To pump up the festivities for the mobile launch of My Time at Portia, fans can enjoy a special discounted price at a limited time only, as well as exclusive housewarming gifts for mobile players. These include a special mystery gift box from My Time at Sandrock, three gacha boxes, a brand new swimwear set, a mushroom cabin, and a massage chair. For a full week, you can grab the hit title at a special price tag of $5.99 for iOS and $5.49 for Android, discounted from the regular price of $7.99.

Featuring tons of mobile optimizations such as shortcut functions, auto way-finding, and efficient use of screen space when it comes to buttons and UI elements, the mobile port makes playing over 100 hours on smaller devices feel like a breeze. You’ll have to restore your Pa’s old workshop, interact with unique NPCs, and explore exciting ruins with the handy new manual and auto-save functions to make sure you won’t lose your progress halfway through an adventure.

With over a year of testing and iterations to make sure that fans of the OG title can still enjoy the same but upgraded features that they know and love, My Time at Portia on mobile is now fully ready for on-the-go gameplay. You can download the game as a free-to-play title with in-app purchases on the App Store and on Google Play.

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