Motorball is an upcoming multiplayer car soccer game from Noodlecake that will enter closed beta on July 2nd

Noodlecake Studios dipped their toe in the online multiplayer realm last year with the release of Golf Blitz. It’s done very well for them, so they’ve decided to make another multiplayer title called Motorball that will be heading for iOS and Android at some stage. But first, they’ll be holding a closed beta that will start July 2nd.

Motorball will see players engage in a spot of vehicular football or soccer where all the cars they’ll be driving are actually wind-up toys, which is a very cute idea. There will be a host of power-ups that can be found scattered around the pitch that when timed correctly will help players in netting or preventing goals.

Sound familiar? Noodlecake is pitching Motorball as falling somewhere between Rocket League and the Battle Mode found in Mario Kart, so they’re well aware of the comparisons the game will undoubtedly receive.

The matches will be played from a top-down perspective, which you can see very briefly in the embedded trailer above. You can also see some of the power-ups on display such as a purple blob of goo that stops the ball in its tracks, which could be very useful for preventing breakaway goals.

There also appears to be one that puts a hockey goalie in net who constantly moves from side to side to make it trickier for your opponents to score. Elsewhere, there’s a water pistol that can be used to punt the ball from range, which could prove useful both offensively and defensively.

Motorball will eventually release on the App Store and Google Play. For now, though, you can sign up to take part in the closed beta over on the game’s official website.
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